My "Desert Island Discs".

My friend tagged me in a post on facebook, which is a nomination to list the top 10 albums in my life. I actually find this pretty hard to do as I don't really listen to just albums, I much prefer to listen to lots of different tracks by different artists on some kind of playlist. My desert island discs would need to include an internet connection and spotify.

My music tastes also seem to change weekly between genres, but I should at least try to list some albums where I can listen to the entire thing/I rather like them (It might even end up being more than 10!).

So here goes..

List subject to change and in no particular order.

I also want to list a Train album, but I like so much of their stuff I'm not sure I could limit it to one.. So I will just link to their spotify page instead.. It's a bit cheaty, but pfft.

There are probably more, but they escape me currently.. I will update when I remember..